Tuscany country houses for sale, reviews of this real estate agency

Tuscany country houses for sale

Are you in love with one of these Tuscany country houses for sale? Just take a few seconds and look what our customers think about this real estate agency. We are pleased to share the satisfaction of those who have chosen to live in Tuscany and buy a perfect home.
Our main goal is to realize the dreams of each client, everyone appreciates our skill in mediating between buyer and seller, the range of services offered and the possibility of asking advices and questions to an affiliated team of professionals (like architect, lawyer, finance experts and craftsmen).
Read the comments of those who have already purchased one of these wonderful Tuscany country houses, apartments or villas, you will be struck by their enthusiasm and the positive impressions about our way of working. Living in this area of Tuscany, a land including San Gimignano, Volterra, Siena and Monteriggioni, is simply a dreamlike experience, an opportunity of spending time in an ideal atmosphere of pure nature, peace and culture.
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To whom it may concern, I write in reference to my experience with volterracasa.it. Buying a home to reside in is a nerve racking process. However if you are down no it from another country with a different culture and language, then it is down right stressful. volterracasa.it and all of its staff made this process a lot less stressful. Elisa and Francesco went above and beyond their duties as real estate agents and made our families migration to Italy a much more pleasant experience. They were punctual, communicative and culturally sensitive to us and our needs. They answered all our questions and gave us honest and helpful feedback at every turn. I can happily recommend Francesco and Elisa to anyone looking to buy a home in Tuscany. My wife children and I whole heartedly thank volterracasa.it for their kindness and all they did for us.

Renè Van Kan family, Germany

C’est un peu par hasard que je suis tombée sur volterracasa.it, en cherchant un appartement du côté de Volterra. volterracasa.it proposait plusieurs choix intéressants et Francesco a tout de suite fait preuve de professionnalisme en me guidant judicieusement dans mes choix, que ce soit en évaluant les travaux qu’il me faudrait faire pour restaurer un appartement ou en m’indiquant le juste prix que je devrais payer. Comme je ne pouvais me rendre sur place, j’ai chargé Francesco de négocier à ma place parce que je lui faisais totalement confiance et je suis entièrement satisfaite de l’appartement que j’ai acquis grâce à ses services et que je n’avais vu que sur Internet avant de me rendre à Volterra pour signer le contrat d’acquisition. À mon arrivée en Toscane, Francesco s’est assuré que la prise de possession se fasse en douceur et m’a présenté des gens honnêtes et fiables sur qui je peux entièrement compter en mon absence. Je recommande volterracasa.it à tous les amoureux de la région de Volterra qui, comme moi, veulent s’y installer.

M. Garneau Île d’Orléans, Québec

My husband and I were interested to buy a property somewhere in Tuscany. Francesco’s website was very easy to use, and as soon as we spoke to him we knew we had found the right agency. We felt we were in the hands of a professional who was always available to help us with the questions we had. We visited Volterra and fell in love with this unique medieval town. Francesco was there to show us properties, and his friendly manner made us feel very welcome. When we found the perfect place for us, we were guided through the buying process, and really everything was done for us. We are now property owners in Volterra and highly recommend Francesco at volterracasa.it to anyone interested in a property in Tuscany.

Saoirse O’Connor – Ireland

Avere una casa in Toscana è sempre stato il nostro sogno fin da ragazzi. Ora, grazie a Francesco si è realizzato. Infatti con grande professionalità, competenza e cortesia ci ha seguiti per tutto il percorso: dalla ricerca della casa adatta a noi fino alla stipula del rogito. Ancora oggi ci offre supporto per tutte le piccole incombenze che sono seguite all'acquisto. Ci siamo conosciuti a maggio salutandolo da clienti. Oggi ci salutiamo da amici.

Anna ed Ermanno

Realistic prices, good property descriptions and excellent personal service. We viewed with others, but we purchased from Francesco. I highly recommended him...

Marcus & Gemma, London

Per alcuni di noi acquistare una casa nella campagna toscana significa trovare un luogo dell’anima e del cuore in cui ritirarsi a contemplare la vita e a godere del bene prezioso degli affetti. Per altri invece è un investimento da far fruttare, in un’epoca in cui è sempre più improponibile vivere di rendita. Per altri ancora è uno status symbol, fregiarsi di una proprietà in un contesto paesaggistico e culturale che ci invidiano in tutto il mondo. Magari quello che vi guida è l’aspirazione di avviare un’impresa di accoglienza e ristorazione… Oppure di rilevare e gestire un’azienda agricola… Qualsiasi siano le vostre esigenze, qualsiasi i vostri sogni, qualsiasi i vostri obiettivi, Francesco è in grado di soddisfarli, con un servizio improntato ad onestà, correttezza e alta professionalità che andrà ben oltre alle vostre aspettative. Francesco unisce alle sue competenze le qualità di una bella persona, calorosa ed empatica, in grado di svelare persino i desideri che voi stessi neppure sapete di avere. Dimenticatevi il classico agente immobiliare, pensate piuttosto ad un amico che vi guiderà alla scoperta di una regione e di una cultura che conosce ed ama profondamente: ve ne farà innamorare senza via di scampo e questa è l’unica controindicazione se decidete di affidarvi a lui, perché davanti a ciò che vi propone non vi piacerà più niente altro!

Stefania, Milano

Francesco and Elisa - were instrumental to our understanding of the Italian housing market. My husband and I are from the London where things are done differently. Your concerns are their concerns and we relied heavily upon their advice and opinion. Email and telephone calls are always answered very quickly and thoroughly and you will never be left wondering what is happening. In the end we were able to purchase a superb property at very good value complete with beautiful views and we are now looking forward to working with volterracasa.it on improving the property furtherThank you very much

J & C, London

Onze ervaringen met volterracasa.it zijn uitsluitend positief. Door goed naar ons te luisteren tijdens bezichtigingen van door ons zelf geselecteerde huizen en appartementen kwam Francesco met ons droomhuis op de proppen. Hadden we zelf nooit gevonden, was ook precies wat we zochten en dolgraag wilden, alleen de vraagprijs was boven ons budget. Ook daarin heeft Francesco zich bijzonder onderscheiden, door de prijs van het huis zo door te onderhandelen dat we praktisch op het voor ons beschikbare budget uitkwamen, en allemaal binnen 2 weken, en het gat was behoorlijk groot dat hij moest overbruggen. Dus in Italie kunnen dingen ook snel. Verder afhandeling voorlopige koopcontract en later koopcontract bij de notaris, verkopende partij allemaal duidelijk en conform opgave en gemaakte afspraken geregeld. Niets dan lof hiervoor. Het administratieve gedeelte bij de koop van een huis is eigenlijk vergelijkbaar met die in Nederland. Verder ook veel aandacht voor nazorg het regelen van de contracten met het waterleiding bedrijf. elektriciteit, internet, verzekering van het huis, een tuinman iemand voor housekeeping etc. hiervoor zet met name Elisa zich 100% in. Dus we kunnen volterracasa.it van harte aanbevelen.

Ellen en Klaas van der Meulen, Binnenweg 10, 1396 KM Baambrugge, NL.

Now that the purchase of our house is completed, I want to take a moment to thank you for the very professional work you have delivered and the highly qualitative approach you have had throughout the process. You have been listening carefully to our needs, understood them and have only presented us with properties meeting those needs. Right from the beginning you have been clear and transparent with potential costs, fees and taxes at various stages of the process which was useful and reassuring. You have kept your word on all the statements made and we haven’t had any (bad) surprises at any moment. We particularly appreciated the fact that you took time to explain us -as foreigners- many things around administrative intricacies, renovation possibilities, garden maintenance, volterran quality of life and many other details that helped us at every stage. Even now that the purchase is completed you are still there to advise potential partners for various type of work, always with quality in mind. So thank you so much for making our dream come true, always there to try to remove any hassle rather than create more ! It is a pleasure working with you and I would definitely recommend volterracasa.it to anybody asking me.

Jean-Benoit & Ellen

Nous sommes un couple de Français et nous avons grâce à l’agence de volterracasa.it réalisé un rêve de longe date en achetant une demeure en Toscane.En effet Francesco a été présent à chaque instant dans nos démarches et quand on est étranger c’est une assistance très appréciable :La découverte de notre projet :- Francesco à passé le temps nécessaire pour bien comprendre ce que nous cherchions, il a au travers de divers visites identifiées ce qu’il pourrait nous convenir et il nous a ainsi fait visiter la maison pour laquelle nous avons eu immédiatement un coup de coeur.La découverte de la région :Amoureux de sa régions il nous a fait découvrir sa magnifique ville, son histoire, ses commerces et certains de ses habitants. Nous avons immédiatement retrouvé cette « dolce vita » que nous recherchions.Les démarches avant signature :- Francesco a été à chaque moment présent pour répondre à chacune de nos questions relatives à l’acquisition d’une maison en Italie. Il nous a considérable facilité la tâche pour réaliser l’ensemble des démarches administratives.La signature :- Organisateur et présent lors de cette démarche, il nous a apporté le soutien nécessaire pour comprendre toutes les spécificités de cet acteL’après signature :- Et oui Francesco est toujours présent, ce n’ est pas parce qu’il vous a vendu un bien qu’il disparait. Vous avez besoin d’un conseil, de transférer le contrat de l’eau de l’électricité, d’une mise en relation avec un assureur, un architecte, jardinier ou autre, et bien il est toujours la.Nous avons donc trouver une maison, une région et déjà une personne de confiance sur laquelle nous pouvons compterMerci Francesco

Franck e Christelle, France