Guide to Sell Your House

Selling a house

Selling a house in Tuscany could be not very easy, this is why this Real Estate Agency can help you with a practical guide. Our first service for you.

How many possibilities do I have to sell my home quickly?
Every economic transaction must be analyzed within a window of at least fifteen years.
We can start from a concrete analysis of the real estate market, from 2001 to 2008, year of the crisis, when the amount of sales of property has fallen. We want to ask you questions with realistic information, starting with an accurate estimate of your house. This is the best first step for focusing on a specific possible customer and sell your house as fast as possible.
So, how about the first thing to do?
Really important is to understand the real economic value of your property. Once we get it, the chances of selling it become high, avoiding the risk of “closing out” the building or overestimate, things that would reduce the chances of finalizing the sale
How much time do you require to sell our house?
In average a year and a half. It’s a period of time in which we can change our offer, taking care of the feedback received.
What will do during this time?
Together we will follow a plan, testing it every three months. We will talk about the situation, highlighting the necessary adjustments to sell quickly. For example, sometimes visitors reveal weaknesses that we have to adjust to.
What we can do about these weaknesses?
It could be important in order to make our offer stronger, to act with small investments into materials, or make limited improvements works. Moreover we can provide you with the activities of “home staging”
What is the “home staging”?
It means preparing the home for sale, furnish it with an appealing look, follow the advice of the professionals in the field who know the importance of details, like the simple choice of pillows or blankets. We rely on our consultant agreement in order to highlight the strengths of the property
Does asks exclusivity in selling the property?
Sure. It’s the only way to work in a professional way. The exclusivity doesn’t preclude the possibility of working together with other real estate agents, but your point of reference will always be this agency, in the person of Francesco Creatini entrepreneur and real estate consultant.
How long get the exclusivity?
The deal with customers will last a year and a half. In this period of time we guarantee the presence of the property on the major real estate Italian websites and on our website, very easy to find for buyers. Relying on us means increasing your chances of selling. We also offer the services of legal, tax, technology and the supply of professionals in the creation of photos and videos. Our project of Home Staging employs the best craftsmen and professionals requested, whose advice are always included in the commission.
What is the price of the commission you request?
We demonstrate our professional way of working also in this case, by excluding an amount or a fixed percentage. Each house has its own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. Together we will consider all these topics and we will determine a plan of sale with the related commission.