Guide to Buy a Home in Tuscany

Buying a home

If you are dreaming about buying a home in Tuscany, this real estate agency will serve you with its turnkey solutions and complementary services included in a specific “service plan”. It’s a pleasure to stay by your side all along the way, providing answers to your questions.

Why I should buy a home in Tuscany?
Buying a home in Tuscany, the land of Volterra, Siena and San Gimignano, means to live in the midst of nature, far away from the noise and the smog of big cities, taste every day an ancient tradition of culture and art. Buying a villa in this region is a great and forward-looking investment.
What can offer?
A 360° service, a real service plan able to answer to any question. Francesco Creatini will guide you with his strong experience, providing also with a selected team of professionals who can help you before and after the purchase.
What is the “service plan”?
Our real estate consulting begins with an analysis of the market and proceeds with the development of dedicated real estate searches within a highly selected portfolio of properties. You can choose to ask for an advice to a team of professionals affiliated to us, such as the best notary, architecture, language and if necessary assistance in terms of project for renovating buildings. We can also support you in filling out all the bureaucratic documents and with complementary activities after the sales.
What payment in percentage do you apply?
Our flag is the professionalism, which excludes a percentage or fixed amount. Every purchase, every property has its own characteristics, and, basing on the entire context, we will arrange for a commission.
What kind of services can you offer after the purchase?
We can assist you in opening a bank account, in the choice of the insurance company, filling out the bureaucracy documents for change of residence or those for utilities and much more.